Operational privacy

Effective tool for your business operations


Maintain privacy without any major disruptions in day-to-day operations


A secure solution originally built for processing patient data


Transparency and effective response are at the heart of building trust


Automatic logging of
activities and tasks

The Consent Specialist

A good consent solution helps organisations to authenticate (if required) the Data subject, have a clear version control as well as verification of witnesses/guardians for minors. Iconfirm's consent tool limits even the processing of personal data until consent is obtained.

It should be possible to withdraw Consents as easily as they are given.

Consents must be able to be obtained and managed in a simple and effective manner as well as be synchronized across systems.

Good privacy is built into the corporate culture through conscious employees. Iconfirm has been specially designed for the handling of employees that gets you off to a quick start.

Sample texts for privacy policy, privacy notices, purpose descriptions and confidentiality agreements. Final content must be determined by the organisation itself, preferably in collaboration with legal counsel.

Send out privacy policies to all employees and set up some lunch meetings to discuss what it means. And voila! you have started and can even document it. 


Advanced data processing

Iconfirm can be something more than a normal compliance tool. Iconfirm is a data processor where privacy and data security are built into architecture and codebase.

For example, Iconfirm can be used to process personal identifiers separately from transaction data for added security (pseudonymization), while ensuring structured distribution between integrated systems.

Iconfirm can also automate tasks such as deletion, correction or transparency.

Iconfirm makes it easy for the data subject to request access/deletion and makes it easy for your organisation to process the requests.

With a personal and unique Privacy portal, it is easy to verify identity and follow progress and dialogue - with automatic logs

Do you think GDPR is complicated and want to save time?

We can help you, no matter what level of ambition you have!
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